Lesson of Passion GOLD support


How to cancel my subscription?
If you have selected single payment, there is no need of canceling your account - you will be billed only once.
In terms of recurring billings, you can cancel your account by visiting the site of our credit card transactions processor.

For CCBILL accounts: https://support.ccbill.com
For EPOCH accounts: https://epoch.com/billingsupport

I`ve forgotten my MEMBERS password. Can you help?
If you have forgotten your MEMBERS password (this one you received when you paid by your credit card) and you are unable to access members section, please visit:

For CCBILL accounts: https://support.ccbill.com
For EPOCH accounts: https://epoch.com/billingsupport

and give all information you remember. Thanks to this tool you will easily get your login data back.

[UNITY GAMES] I have no music while playing on SAFARI on my MAC? What to do?
This situation is caused by the recent SAFARI autoplay policy changes. You can solve this issue in two different ways:

1. Go to Safari > Settings for This Website > Auto-Play. Then, select `Allow all Auto-Play` and reload the page.
2. Launch our games in a different web browser - CHROM, SAFARI or OPERA are just perfect for

[UNITY GAMES] Why my saved progress is lost every time I close the browser?
Our saves are stored locally on your PC in a temp directory. You can lost your progress in two cases:

1. You've cleared your CACHE with TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES together with your saved progress.
2. You were playing in INCOGNITO mode. In this mode CACHE is automatically cleared every time you close the browser. So avoid playing in that mode if you want to track your progress.

Game stops loading at x%. What now?
When this situation happens it means, that there are some problems with internet connection / our servers capability. Please relaunch game window in your browser. If this the game stops again at the same %, please clear your browser cache and try again - now it should work smooth.

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