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keroppi11 2017.10.13
Here`s how to get all girls (except amanda)rnrn1 - Talk to courtney and choose third option (Unlocks Hospital)rn2 - Go to Hospital and get visit card (Unlocks Hotel) and flowerrn3 - Talk to congressman get photosrn4 - Go to the Gym just grab amandas bag while you`re at itrn5 - Go to the hotel talk to denise (Choose third and fourth options)rn6 - Go back to the office talk to olivia (Give flowers help mop the floor) and ask for 500$ ---- Enjoy -----rn7 - Go back to Hotel give 500$ to denise ---- Enjoy ----rn8 - Go back to courtney ask give congressman report not denise report and ask about unlocking lockersrn9 - Go back to Gym unlock locker and choose option 1 ---- Enjoy ----rn10 - Go back to Courtney give denise report ---- Enjoy ----rn11 - Go to amanda`s roomrn12 - Talk to courtney choose option 1rn13 - Choose option 1 when in amanda`s room to f*ck CourtneyrnrnDont know if its possible to get off with amanda but choosing option 2 for the last part will trigger the end sequence for amanda and becoming her sex toy Enjoy the Game ! :)

acesofspades 2016.01.09
This is awesome, Olivia is the best for me

wannafuck 2015.10.13

Shakma 2015.04.09
I love this game, excellent graphics, amazing animations, and the girls are just 5 stars, thumbs up for this game, really.

debby2002.dw 2015.03.10

mauras 2014.09.02
Anyone!how fuck the boss?!:-)

redhotd 2014.04.26
Keep getting stuck when with Courtney. I get the hand, but don`t now where to "rub"? I never get the "good" "too fast" "too slow" that you usually get with these games. What am I doing wrong?

nomzamo100 2014.03.12
can someone give me a explained tip on how to fuck the boss

nomzamo100 2014.03.12
cool technique on how to fuck the boss you guys awesome stuff

elishacuthbert 2014.02.20
AC / Beauty salon (don`t pay) twice
* Energy now goes to 8 per day)
Work / Simple meal OR romantic TV OR romantic novel / Hug in kitchen
Work / Beauty salon / Hug in kitchen
Work / Beauty salon / buy lobster / Hug in kitchen
Make lobster / Work / Salon / Hug in kitchen
Work / Salon / Hug in kitchen
Work / Salon / Queen
Work / Queen / Boobs in kitchen
Work / Salon / Queen
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen (ignore the cell phone)
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen
Work / Lick in kitchen
Work (last time) / explore sex and date options
Continue to explore sex and date options

cindy7303 2014.02.10
I wish I could jump in there and fuck the shit out of all them pussy

vejeta 2014.01.16
Can i download this game for my pc

parry360 2014.01.06
to fuck the receptionist and get the money give her the flowers from the hospital

gio 2014.01.01
how to fu.ck courtney

RockHardOrDieTrying 2013.12.22
if u want to fuck the boss what you do is this -
1)go to courtney
2) ask her where to go
3)exit building
4)go hospital
5)ask patient about him getting beaten
6)go back to the office
7)give courtney the stuff she needs
8)fuck her
9)tell her the boss wants to see you
10) agree with courtney say the boss has crossed the line
then you have finally become the bosses sex toy :D

abcabcde124 2013.11.05
i`m stuck in this game, please help me

turki 2013.08.23
i`m stuck in this game (describe where),please help me

nowable 2013.08.16
Got ever girls so far,but what about the boss?

ryan789 2013.08.08
awsome game very nice / i love it

beneathuk 2013.08.04
Reaslly good game. I wonder if there is an option to get dominated by the boss?

falennangel 2013.07.20
I can`t figure out how to get endings one and two... anyone figure them out yet?

ImrtlWolf 2013.07.14
Good game im a little confused by the items and when to give and how to get the 500 dollars but i love the graphics and its a fun game

sexmaster132 2013.07.10
this is an awesome game

63ted 2013.07.06
Good game and graphics with all girls in the play.

vosej 2013.07.05
I seriously love lop so bad, this made my morning awesome

Rakina00 2013.07.05
very very good game,i love you

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