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Badman.SP 2019.01.16
Amazing Game. It would be nice to have a sequel, or maybe the ability to arrange a threesome, maybe with your boss and the VIP client.rnReally good graphics too, a bit more animation would make this one of the best games on this site.

pantji 2018.01.02
no points of relationship is showing help

Winter Soilder 2017.12.24
i almost fucked all 3 of them..damn was tough enough but still good

Winter Soilder 2017.12.24
gr8 game. could have been better for 3some or 4 some....why no new games for lately..looking for new ones please

857477503 2017.04.20
how to download the gane? anyone who can tell me?

RADOST89 2017.04.02
Good game, not too long to get achievements and nice

soxfan10 2017.03.24
anyone know how to get sx with riley

Barry123 2017.02.11
How the hell do you earn money in this game ?

ladystar 2017.01.10
Really enjoy this game, I`ve managed to fuck all 3 in the same game (Amelia multiple times).

If you plan your days right (i.e never do anything at home - morning go to office and up negotiation, midday work fitness in the park. evening work on social in the bar. Do this for the first 10 days or so, then start working on the girls. Stella in the morning, Riley at midday, Amelia in the night.

Occasionally you will need to just work on negotiation, fitness and social for a couple of days but no reason why by 25 all 3 aren`t ready to fuck your brains out.

ladystar 2017.01.08
Great game, would love to play this on my iPad but flash so no ???

As soon as you can get your fitness up in the park, don`t bother doing it at home. You waste one of your three daily slots for a +1. Likewise try and do all your negotiating upgrades at the office rather than home as you get a +3. Work on social at home until you can afford to buy beers, then work on social at the bar again as it is faster.

Pickles 2016.12.19
Is it possible to have more than 1 girl at a time? kinda seems like it from the picture of both Amelia AND stella sucking ur dick at the same time buuuttt i couldnt figure it out...got all the endings though soo yay?

datboy 2016.11.16
if your a hot girl and wanna fuck comment back

Rushinrunner3 2016.09.11
I can confirm that it IS possible to sleep with ALL THREE women, but it requires you to use constant re rolls as well as work one girl at a time while working all girls simultaneously each day.

Stachu 2016.08.18
Great game!!! Good graphics

StephCurry 2016.07.07
When is the next free Lesson of Passion Game?

mydreams 2016.06.28
Hey guys, still not sure how to get Riley. I got the silk tie and have excellent relationship with Stella, but every time I go to her office there`s no mention of a meeting with a VIP customer. I made all the sales and still nothing. Could someone elaborate on how this conversation about bringing a VIP customer gets triggered?

Rushinrunner2 2016.06.12
Riley Requirements

Sex With Riley: 250
Flirt With Her: Relationship 120
Take Her in Your Arms and Kiss Her: Relationship 90
Push Her on the Sofa: Relationship 80 (Choose the Thigh)
Decide to Kiss Her: 50
Try on Blue Dress: 40
Buy The Blue Dress: $500
Try on Shoes: 35
Caress Her Arm: 20
Save Desires chat discussion until you buy the dress

Rushinrunner 2016.06.11
Requirements for Amelia and Stella

Sex With Stella: Negotiation 70 Relationship 200 Perfume
Date With Stella: Negotiation 30 Relationship 50
Touch Her Knee: Relationship 30
Flirt With Her: Relationship 20
Whisper Dirty Things in Her Ear: Relationship 15

Sex With Amelia: Fitness 70 Relationship 150 Perfume
Date with Amelia: Fitness 30 Relationship 50
Squeeze Her Boobs: Relationship 50 (Choose spread her legs)
Kiss Her Neck: Relationship 40
Ask Her to Dance for you: 30
Say She looks Sexy While Sucking Her Finger: Relationship 15

Ra-Jinn 2016.06.11
Best Game mechanics ever, worst protagonist. Seriously his face scares my boner... But also about those amazing mechanics You should make enough money from your job to never need to play pool for money. Also I`m finding it hard to grind the "love" fast enough and was wondering if anyone had any advise.

raed 2016.06.04
please any one can help me im stuck in this game how can i get 215 relationship any walkthrough please

ut1768 2016.05.29
money is gotten through 2 ways I can tell:
1) real estate sales (you need to get your Negotiations and Social skills up for this)
2) Playing pool (you need social skills and some money for this)

adamredman 2016.05.28
sorry, can anyone tell me how to get money?
how to date anyone of there?

yoyo_boy 2016.05.27
To get Riley, you gotta buy the silk tie, then talk to Stella. She`ll get you a VIP meeting with Riley. Now can anyone tell me how to get sexy Stella in bed?

shanghaitaxi5 2016.05.26
How do you get with riley?

wesley0903 2016.05.21
how do you get the im feeling filthy trophy

bigguy686 2016.05.19
good graphics and fun game. a little challenging as well.

ceceboy35400 2016.05.19
good game ! i recommand !

tom_001 2016.05.18
anyone help me how to play this game cheats plz

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