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ewnavilae 2019.02.16
Just wanted to say this is a great game, I managed to get all achievements, the last one was "It should never happen" and you just have to kiss the mom and let her go.

Badman.SP 2019.01.16
I liked this game, I have tried it several times, but it did not have a great ending yet. I will persist as it is good fun trying to work it out. Graphics and story line are good and well writen.

todd1975 2018.11.23
had fun playing this game

ejpm1981 2018.07.18
as I click on the rope. I do not get the option. I get ready to prepare bondage surprise

ejpm1981 2018.07.18
rnhow I click on the rope. do not leave me

Bronco888 2018.07.08
Love this game. sexy different options

xia.roser 2018.02.13
As a Chinese,I like girls like that.That`s my baby!rn

shooter7999 2018.01.30
Great one, pretty easy though. Love the girs, Trixie especialy.

Llall 2017.12.14
Y it is not opening in Mobilern

lolhehe 2017.10.17
Why i cant see the r u available selection after i pressed the ask if she is available selection,please help me

RADOST89 2017.04.02
Really great game. Love all of the different endings and scenarios!

yzmknaruto 2017.01.18
How to achieve "It should never happen"?

umbreo21 2016.11.28
Is the game glithcing? Because i cant tie wendy up at all

Saif 2016.10.27
Can this game run on mobile phone?

inspiron 2016.04.28
i gonna cumm this game was awesome

tisha2121 2016.03.23
Really great game. Love all of the different endings and scenarios!

mrfurious 2016.02.26
Actions in italics only matter for your score with the girl, so you don`t have to do them if you don`t need to.

Follow Wendy`s section, it branches off to the other girls.


Go to Trixie`s farm
Scare her horses (click near barn)
Say she looks great
Ask when parents are coming back
Gently massage her calf (click on her left leg, to your right)
Say it`s super hot today - receive a quest to bring her ice cream
Trixie`s barn
Click on black rope that`s near the middle of the screen
Back to map
Go to gas station
Ask about her new job
Ask her about her relationship with Terence
BAD: Tell her that she looks amazing in black - Achievement "Like a dumbass trucker", lose points with her
Help with the pump - receive quest to bring her weed
If you want to get with Trixie, buy ice cream.
Go to map
Terence`s house
Ask him about week for Wendy
Back to map
Gas station
Pass her a joint
Kiss her from behind (click around her head)
Ask her if she could take a break
Ask if she is available or not
Ask what she does after work - Achievement "BDSM fantasies"
Ask her about Trixie - Achievement "Secret romance"
Tie Wendy to the bar on the ceiling (click on rope)
Take a photo of her
If you want to get with Trixie, untie her and move to Trixie`s section
Try to tease her
Try to put your hand under her panties (click around crotch area)
Raise her skirt a little (click on skirt)
Grab her boobs
Take another picture of her (click near face)
Remove her top and untie her (click near boobs)
If you want to get with Sharon, refuse and move to Sharon`s section (Achievement: It isn`t my thing).
You can continue from here. Achievement "Extra Thrills"


Trixie`s farm
Click on ice cream
Ask her if she wants to get naughty
Touch her boobs
Talk about Wendy
Click on the photo of a topless Wendy (when did you take her shirt off?)
Tell her to take her bra off (click boobs area)
Massage her belly (click near navel)
Lower her pants (you can guess where you need to click)
Turn her around (click near shoulder)
Touch her ass (left butt-cheek)
Remove her pants
You can continue from here. Achievement: Friends with Benefits


You must have a naked and horny Wendy before beginning; see Wendy`s section.

Go to Terence`s house
Tell him that Wendy got a surprise for him
Ask her if you`re not interrupting
Say that she looks amazing
Gently caress her arm
Give her a bottle of wine (click on wine)
Try to flirt with her
Kiss her (click on head)
Keep her in your arms and kiss her more passionately
Compliment her beautiful smile
Ask her to play with her boobs for you (click on boobs)
Play with her pussy
Move closer and start to lick her. Achievement: Servicing the princess
Caress her calves (click on her right leg, the higher one)
Ask her to turn around (click around her left shoulder, to your right)
Touch her ass
Release thong from her sexy ass
Ask her to finger herself
Ask her to suck her finger
You can continue from here. Achievement: Behind my buddy`s back.

And that`s all.

thomas98dk 2016.02.13
the games is so good and make my horny.

SexyAss18 2016.02.11
i need help with this game idk what to do i only get to ending 1 and idk what do plz i need help

Tarrion 2016.01.25
I don`t know how to get any further.
I got Trixie an ice-cream and now have the quest of embarrassing wendy.
I got Wendy a joint and got a bottle of wine.
But i don`t know how to get any further, with either of them.
I know how to get the half-way sex scene with Sharon, but that is it.
I am probably missing a hot-spot, but please tell me where.

acesofspades 2016.01.07
Great game and nice graphics by the way,
I think so its just have 5 endings there as i thought

JimmyKK 2016.01.06
Great game, is there any way that new games can be posted more regularly

MoonBear 2016.01.02
Am trying to prepare the "BDSM Suprise", but i can`t find anything that helps me do so, i thought it might have been the rope Aaron mentioned when trying to seduce Wendy, but i can`t pick it up.

konami 2015.12.22
I`m new at this kind of game and i`m loving this. Thanks for this and other games. Sooo hot! ;)

panos2 2015.12.18
very sexy girls good animations and i would like new games more often if possible.thanks

08abur 2015.12.18
@Wendigo Having trouble with the having sex with Wendy, I cant find the option to go off and tell her son to go the sack. Help would be much appreciated.

jerrycom1234 2015.12.14
Nice work, still played it the 4th time, make out with mother, Wendy and Trixie,
just wanted to know how many endings there are?

savage 2015.12.10
Nice game and so fun nice girls too

Wendigo 2015.12.10

In order to not get caught you need to almost have sex with Wendy (so the first time you have the option to continue do it until she`s naked and you get a second choice) and then refuse. After that you can tell Terence his girlfriend is waiting for him in the shack which makes him leave the house and gives you lots of time with his mother.

StephenBruce 2015.12.09
I love the graphics and sound quality of the game. I`m just stuck, l always end up having ending 2, could someone help me? Or at least tell me if there`s a walkthrough please

Tanis 2015.12.09
Great Game, Still get caught every time i try and have sex with Sharon. Can anyone help?

cewj1967 2015.12.08
A good game. graphics are good. Has entertaining storyline and adventure role play. Models are sexy as hell. I did get all the endings and liked them all. I think the only thing missing would have been a 3-some thruwn somewhere in the mix. Other than that, Great game. Keep up the good work.

pintolad 2015.12.06
Amazing game. Got all the endings. Worth the wait!

Wendigo 2015.12.06

As far as I can tell there are a total of 5 endings:

1. Fail completely by annoying them all or refusing to have sex with them
2. Get caught making out with Sharon
3. Sex with Trixie
4. Sex with Wendy
5. Sex with Sharon

LeoLove 2015.12.05
I`m new at this kind of game and i`m loving this. Thanks for this and other games. Sooo hot! ;)

Dropshock 2015.12.04
Nice work, still played it the 4th time, make out with mother, Wendy and Trixie,
just wanted to know how many endings there are?

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