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Badman.SP 2019.01.16
Game is nice, but very short.., i expected to see more from cheating and more from investigation with some more kinky things where you can make choices to see more of wife cheating and growing as a whore, not knowing that you know what she does, or to prevent it in some way and reveal yourself in the end.

michi0120 2018.09.16
how to move with the games? she`s not waking up.rn

adam22 2018.02.26
is there a cheat if i subscribe as a premium member?

qwerzxcv12 2016.12.17
I am stuck at the safe part

datboy 2016.11.16
im a guy im 14 live in Canada and wanna fuck.

Ash Rafer 2016.11.09
I like it it very awsome

AkashdeepDasGupta 2016.09.29
The Game is telling me couldn`t plug in on my android hand set can any1 help me with that..?

Stachu 2016.09.02
Good graphic and some interesting endings.

BrananSingle123 2016.07.08
im 13 teen does any body want to dat or have SEX!! please

Fuck my ass 2015.12.11
The game is fucking good but is damn small

duke51 2015.09.09
Good graphic and some interesting endings. I` m glad of the game

elishacuthbert 2015.09.06
Really liked this game. Will be playing it again.

possum62 2015.07.25
Really liked this game. Will be playing it again.

dallaspage 2015.07.23
I made all achievement, i wish this game can be more long :/

jerrycom1234 2015.07.23
fantastic games really adorable like it very much

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