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Badman.SP 2019.01.16
This was a good game. Aiden should get enough footage to sell the porn movie and pay off its debt. Girls are reasonable, but sex scenes do not have many options in them. It would have been nice to do other things with women and make more money the more they agreed to do something like that.

yolo12345 2018.11.26
You have to not fuck the first girl, just give all the professional answers and earn the $500 from her. Then lure the second girl to your home by saying you dont have cash on you. fuck the second girl, pay her. then praise dylan to get him to be the second girl`s porn partner. fuck both of them together, tell them about the debt situation honestly at the end.

user10 2018.02.20
thers no way of saving the game.. make it happen

wolf117 2017.09.29
this game is good a good game

Foxylove 2017.04.21
give me tips for this game ppl

RADOST89 2017.04.02
Really great game. Love Princess

RADOST89 2017.04.02
Really great game. Love Princess

i cum 2016.11.23
say something back if u wanna fuck

HotBhoy83 2016.09.02
such a realistic sex game, amazing

SrihariRocks 2016.05.13
OK, i am stuck. game no loading.

Olive 2016.04.26
Hello! I would like to know: when i play a game, all my ends are saved? I think not, but there is a way to save them?

elishacuthbert 2016.01.24
get the same outcome :( please help!

sgs007 2015.12.18
end up with gang of amateurs, any suggestion for keep going?

elodbob 2015.12.03
With the married woman, as Attila said, if you want to photograph her you have to use the "regular price" option in the conversation. It`s not hard to figure out how to fuck her. But I think if you do, there`s no way to get paid from her. The ending you get from there depends whether you turn down the second girl or not!

So, to get one good ending, take the option for the $500 from the first photo shoot, then you can fuck the second girl and pay her the $200, and this opens up another scene with her, no spoilers, but there is a way to get the money if you make everyone happy. Probably a second ending in there somewhere but I didn`t try all the options.

maruxxx 2015.09.25
I`m completely lost, I always get the same outcome :( please help!

maruxxx 2015.09.25
I`m completely lost, I always get the same outcome :( please help!

possum62 2015.09.22
Was good. Nice graphics too.

Jazzy09 2015.09.16
I would appreciate if u guise would have let the game load faster

gregtrix 2015.09.15
This game is very glitchy. not only do we not get paid if we went the blackmail with the first girl. BUT we reach that apartment for the porno i don`t see any hotspot to use.

bg1701 2015.09.12
Way to easy. There should be more sex options with the first girl

bigguy686 2015.09.12
fun game, and graphics are good as always

Attila 2015.09.11
To get past the first conversation with the first girl you have to use all the nice options. Show her your professional portfolio, tell her she can stop any time she wants, and then tell her you`ll only charge the regular price. This will let you get to a photo shoot with her, which will eventually let you fuck her if you pick the right options.

DirtyStalker 2015.09.11
Okay, so I have tried everything and never get anything other than "Not a smooth Talker" achievement with the first girl, how do I not get this but get the other options?

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