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sexgirl21 2015.10.20
oh my ghosh her ass is so sexey

archduke 2015.04.26
What are you talking about? Or which game to be percise?

lewis22 2015.04.23

lewis22 2015.04.23
good gameplay . looking for more detective games

lewis22 2015.04.23
how to have sex with the ex-wife

xRiox 2015.04.08
i really enjoy that hot game

needahotgirl 2015.03.16
how to stop her from blowjobbing?

Randy24 2014.09.22
I like the Ryan Blender Detective games because they are interesting and it,s more of a realistic based and i also like how clear the screen is when playing

icyheart 2014.03.30
this is the greatest game, I have got all of three sex scenes ^_^

martijn30061987 2014.03.23
Good game.. Very nice gameplay!
I like it.. :)

nightingalem 2014.03.20
My game was awesome when I played it but now it wont work

nightingalem 2014.03.20
I`m 18 and a female whos looking for some guy to talk to

flashflint 2014.02.28
cool game,although I liked ending number 3.Looking forward to playing the game for ending number 4

elishacuthbert 2014.02.20
Okay here is how to fuck Maria:

- Nothing you do before you go to work matters
- Yes I am...
- Make a phone prank => Yes, I know...
- Talk with Maria => By the way...
- Talk with Maria => Nonetheless... => It`s nice to see a new face...
- Talk with Maria => Massage shoulders
- Fix printer => Nothing major
- Get back to work
- You are just a quick learner...
- Pick up/break a leg, doesn`t matter
- Ofcourse/I don`t know, doesn`t matter
- Continue work
- She`ll be a tough one...
- Get a couple of drinks...
- Prepare for date
- Kiss her hand
- Talk => You look...
- Well tell me more... => very phoenix like...
- Let`s see...
- That was incredible...
- Go to her place

123choco 2014.02.15
amazing game loved fucking the girl she had an amzing pussy and bouncy boobs

xxxhero 2014.02.01
this game i not loading properly

sodi 2014.02.01
Not too complicated, just simple --- well-balanced.
I have not yet succeeded in fucking the ex-wife.
I wonder how.

Marlen1995 2014.01.27
Is really good game hope new game came soon

63ted 2014.01.18
Good game and excellent graphics. Would have liked to see blackmail evidence.

asinble 2014.01.17
i really enjoy that hot game

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