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Pumpkin Kickup


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jerrycom1234 2014.07.22
its a nice game to play, but if you are every good in it you will be finist quickly.

pj1983 2012.12.22
Funny and frustrating at the same time. I finally used an auto-click program to beat it. Got a streak of 644 that way (set it to click every millisecond and you rack up 10-20 clicks for every bounce). There is definitely nothing past 50.

pritesh_khalashi 2012.10.05
Hot girl but silly game.can`t see the naked chick while I`m clicking on the pumpkin.

br1137 2012.01.29
its a nice game to play, but if you are every good in it you will be finist quickly.

cipix 2011.11.15
to end the game is quite frustrating... specially when you are distracted by such hot witch...
the game is not so bad, but gameplay lacks in amusement!

Fantasy 2011.10.26
The graphic is fantastic,just wish it was more fun getting to the good part......thought is too draw out....so i didn finish it

Flohness 2011.10.16
Hot girl but silly game. I also got the feeling that the pumpkin ignores my clicks on a regular basis :(

jbarcarr 2011.10.13
can`t see the naked chick while I`m clicking on the pumpkin. What`s the point?

sanni 2011.09.27
oh my god, silly game for nothing

Decstarr 2011.09.15
takes way too long to get to the good part :(

Protector 2011.09.05
Not a bad game... But it is very tricky to get to 40 hits in a row.

pasat 2011.09.03
very sexy witch graphics on her

TimSteel 2011.08.30
The witch herself is very sexy.Find this game annoying and boring after a few minutes.Think the girl would have been better used in a date sim/adventure game.

falcon 2011.08.25
very sexy witch graphics on her great but game over all is boring as hell

cookiemonster666 2011.06.07
This game was awesome, I really enjoyed it.

sapisays 2011.05.30
hard game, cant concentrate when the girl start to strip behind kicking a pumpkin..

bdubdub 2011.05.21
I was getting nervous at playing this game . At the end my mouse was fuming !

mrfixit500 2011.05.17
Intresting game.Hard as hell to get to the end.Imposable to control where the pumpkin goes.

possum62 2011.05.15
Nothing out of the ordnary.

scally66 2011.05.08
part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game

Snake-8 2011.04.14
Great and erotic. I like the game!

OmegaJosh 2011.04.07
I find this really hard, but the girl is hot, wish their was a way to cheat but oh well, I`ll keep trying

bily 2011.04.05
nice picture and nice game

Thepi 2011.03.29
A very hard game to play, to shoot and watch the girl at the same time

aristarh 2011.03.25
My best streak 17, don`t know how receive more

kasaruukii 2011.03.06
this game is very average

shoma 2011.02.28
cool graphics, and I want to finish this game but due to the disruption of mosquitoes ..... damn ... I failed my best streak is 46 .... I repeat from the beginning .... but it shows I`m getting annoyed

shoma 2011.02.28
cool graphic, but this game makes me annoyed and eventually my mouse so shattered

dragonlordess 2011.02.26
the last achievement the were you need a 40 best streak is imposable without out a mouse.

dragonlordess 2011.02.26
this game gets very boring very fast. the reason it gets boring is it very repetitive.

lesson86 2011.02.08
good game but a little bit difficult. very nice the screenshot in HD

Apac20 2011.02.02
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.....and yes she is hot and sexy as hell

Darranus1990 2011.01.17
great game could be better if u did had to hit 5 time each or the pumkin was bigger

Xyzzy 2011.01.11
Well, Leon sure knows how to produce very hot women, but this game is really terrible!

Hagbard_Celine 2011.01.09
Good graphics and a bit boring

conbron 2011.01.03
very pretty girl & graphics. no exact reaction to touch pumpkin

Dude1999 2010.12.31
Nice and distracting but needs more to it and a better means of succeeding.

4n6377u2 2010.12.28
esta bien el juego, pero si faltan algunas cosas como bonus adicionales, algo similar a los de arkanoid o ballistic

SLAGY 2010.12.21
i make 108 hit`s nothng more hapend

TzapaN 2010.12.19
It seems that my spells didn`t work on that pumpkin . Sexy witch ... nice graphics ... nice game .

zeretet 2010.12.04
Good graphics and a bit boring

budla 2010.12.04
Nice graphics but not a very good game.

gabodk 2010.11.20
this is good game with good graphic. like

D3N15 2010.11.12
UPDATE: Just got to 84, it stops "upgrading" at level 50, the rest are just there. Once she turns blonde you beat the game :P

D3N15 2010.11.12
Ugh, this game is too hard. I`ve gotten up to 40 and no further! Update the game so the pumpkin is ROUND and the achievements can actually HELP gameplay like with lower gravity or a bigger pumpkin.

gravemo 2010.11.10
good game but could use total points to strip the girl instead of the best streak.

fuzzbuckit 2010.11.06
I think it was a good game. The concept was simple, and the girl was great, but the pumpkin needed to be more circular. The pumpkin shape used was too hard to hit properly. Still, great game.

Devil-Loli 2010.11.06
Seem like Pussy light.
It good together.

bosiebronco07 2010.11.04
this game is very average

Sensei Grey 2010.11.01
Ok, I just got to 96 bounces. Nothing happened after #50, like I last posted. She stays blonde and "covered in cum", according to her. I tried for 100 bounces but I got too shaky. If anyone knows if 100 matters, let us know.

Pipo66 2010.11.01
Very Good game. Nice pictures.

monigoes8 2010.11.01
she`s really hot! but i can`t get her to do anything the pumpkin is just too hard to catch

Sensei Grey 2010.11.01
WoW! I was curious, so I played (for way!!!! too long) and found that the witch continues to change even after "50 bounces". At 50, snakes appear crawling between her enlarged tits. Yes! after 55, she is bent over and the snakes are are rubbing between her ass cheeks. Yes!!! I got to 61 bounces. After 60, the witch losses the snakes, turns around naked, and her hair turns blonde. I`m sure this continues in increments of 5-10 bounces. I`m not sure where it tops out, or what happens after 60 bounces, but it would be nice to see this be a little more easy to see those `easter eggs". otherwise this game is not worth the time investment.

catilinacatilina 2010.11.01
questo gioco non mi ? piaciuto perch? troppo ripetitivo

Kanno111 2010.11.01
good one but still not that enjoyable

branknock 2010.10.31
nice game but I found it a pain to complete

kmrounds 2010.10.31
good game but can`t complete

budla 2010.10.30
toooo hard hiting the pumpkin. not the greatest game but girl is gorgeus. would like to see her in a better game!

bill2909 2010.10.30
Good graphics and a bit boring

Micky 2010.10.29
For me it`s inpossible to made it

Something Rude 2010.10.29
A new LOW.... can`t even spell all the words on the preload page right. Again lovely art on the main char and nothing else worth bothering with.... thanks for the Halloween attempt but another visit from the sexy vamp would have been far more a "Treat" than this "Trick"

absorbing.... how much does a Thesaurus or spellchecker cost?

lughbelenos 2010.10.29
come on guys, I`m not even close to be a gamer and i got all the achievments and it wasnt that hard, could do with a nice interactive scene as reward though.

pwlkane 2010.10.29
Great game, but impossible to complete ?
Going to try the downloaded version, and see if I can slow it down ?

Micky 2010.10.29
This pumpkin is reslly hard.Ican t made it.

Lampro 2010.10.28
Nice graphics and very sexy witch, but this pumpkin just made me learn my computer how to fly through the window!. So it is possible to make a game funny and boring in the same time!

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