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Prima Ballerina


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rls83 2017.11.04
I can´t get endings 3 and 4

iamdg 2017.04.25
Takes too much time to load..

hiuwhy 2017.03.23
I fell so good,this is a great game or sex.

sexgirl21 2015.10.19
really great game
awsome ghrapics

wetpussy 2015.07.25
what are the most appropriate steps to fill the desire column

jerrycom1234 2014.12.15
beautiful girls grate game fun to play

shalelia 2014.12.09
come on how long does it take to load....

bigguy686 2014.12.01
game is fun and the graphics are awesome

a2242364 2014.10.25
this is awesome. great quality

ROSJ 2014.10.20
Good game with awesome graphics. Go Lesson of passion!

shaurov 2014.09.09
game is awesome, good graphics

badgurl 2014.09.06
how do i play all the nice games

badgurl 2014.09.06
i hate it when am downloading

katerina23 2014.08.17
I feel very happy when I have got five ending of this amazing game

kristin121 2014.05.08
The game is good but a little

198266 2014.05.01

killaking101 2014.04.29
Wow, we need more girls that look like Gina! Perhaps Gina could even make an appearance in her own game more centered around her? Probably the most gorgeous girl I`ve seen in every single one of your games.

wawok 2014.04.24
Very hOT body & beautiful girl..i like this game..i want some more new game please..Thanx.

bobikow 2014.04.19
Another successful PROJEKCE game with good graphics and interesting storyline.

Just4Laughs 2014.04.08
Managed to find all 5 endings, although there`s a lot of clicking through early dialog scenes to do so you can take the different paths. That`s a bit frustrating. Surprised that two of them are from adjacent, very similar, decision points at the same art of the story and yet they result in very different outcomes. Personally I`d have liked a path that had more action with Gina. But good graphics and the sex scenes are very nicely rendered. I enjoyed it overall.

adicool 2014.04.05
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

truelovenarry 2014.03.27
the girls are really gorgeous. a must-play game. :) x

icyheart 2014.03.23
I feel very happy when I have got two ending of this great game ^_^

hageman 2014.03.15
great animation, good gameplay.

savage 2014.03.12
beautiful girls grate game fun to play

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