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Peyton and Avery


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nooobdude 2016.08.22
nice game, would like it to be more interactive and animated

Stachu 2016.07.18
Nice game...greet graphic ;))

Stachu 2016.06.05
Graphics very good. It is a pity that it can not be one entrance fuck both girls

HornyGamerGirl 2015.12.24
This game makes me horny.

cheldee 2015.10.16
Pretty decent. Need to have more control and more options on each screen.

bogdanst563 2015.09.02
lop is just a thugs company who takes you re money away lying to you about the games from the gold section. Don t buy membership. It s a scam. All the games have in the advertising a lot more people and scenes that actually don t exist in the game. You think you can do a lot of things there but you can do much....The free games are more complex then those from gold section....They don t even answer your e mail. I understand it s hard work but at least don t lie.....dudes....Tell me exactly what those games are....I hate lop. I hope they will die ....

h312ry 2015.08.27
* on first place
*** peyton
---- talk
say she looks amazing today
---- hotspots
tell her about your training
caress she thigh
kiss her
---- action
say good bye to her and chat with avery
*** avery
---- hotspots
compliment her figure
---- talk
ask her about the horse riding
talk about the past events
help her with the sun oil
---- action
touch her ass

* on clean boat
*** peyton
---- talk
once again apologize to her for avery
---- hotspots
tell her that she looks amazing in bikini
---- talk
ask her if she wants to visit you after you finish
---- action
say that you`ll clean the boat for her - she can go
*** avery
---- action
say yes, it would be nice
ask her if she always cleans boats in sexy heels
take her photo for intagram
====option 1
ask her to let you go
*** peyton
---- talk
sit next to her and start kissing her
---- action
touch her curves
kiss her
touch her thigh
touch her boobs
say that you love her
remove her bra
say that you desire her

====option 2
accept the kiss
*** avery
---- talk
say that`s a good idea
***********option 1
say that you`re not taking your pants off here
* on bar places
---- action
say hi to avery
compliment her outfit
---- talk
ask her how does she feel after this scene in marina
**********option 2
do as she says
---- talk
lie and say that peyton sucks better
say yes, you`ll be there

h312ry 2015.08.27
Ending 5 and 6 i/m stuck, please help me

sexycorey 2015.08.12
got so had sex with payton then the end

HellNoKitty 2015.05.07
I`m having trouble getting Peyton back to the apartment...any tips?

dante237 2015.05.03
please help me to get all of the ending

sexyme16 2015.04.19
nice... but y is it so short

SquallLion 2015.04.08
found the ending 6!
compliment & kiss Peyton,
follow her
help her (bikini +apologize,visit)+Take a break! (not clean fast)
say you`ll clean + `nice`
deal clean
cheat a little.
get back home
and easy to go on: end #6

ethan121 2015.03.24
really really bad game 3/10
dissappointed :(

fuckergirl69 2015.03.18
im a girl and this is funny game LOL!!;-0

clemclemjb 2015.03.16
good game and nice girls

no threesome available..? what a shame..

Llares 2015.03.06
For ending 6 go for Payton and clean the boat. When she leaves for her cat, cheat with the cleaning and leave earlier. this will end in a date with Payton at the bar and ending 6.

alex1984 2015.03.05
You make beautiful games with sexual characters, you are the best.
But I did not like the end of the similar (sex guy above), Peyton wanted to become pregnant, Avery married hero.
I know you better, thank you.

thevoiceofreason111 2015.03.05
3 / 10
didn`t find either girl that hot . the game lasted about as long as most guys playing this game will in bed (2 minutes) . no replay button. little replay value. I skipped all the text, banged both the girls and that was it. I hate the fuck system in this game it`s lazy and not much to do in this game and very little control like changing positions and stuff; i know, i know... this is a free game but still there is a huge decline in quality of these games the last year or so.

if I was the LOP team i would not have released this piece of crap. But seriously ... no replay button? i guess you gotta get them views up some how.

AoiRoze 2015.03.05
Got all 5 endings excepts for 6 anyone know how to get it plus i was able to get Peyton to change position but not able to do anal any tips on how to get her to do anal would be nice

dolphin 2015.03.05
Nice game! I think it would be great if, in the final scene, depending on our score with Peyton we could cum inside her or not, decide in which position to cum inside her, and have anal sex with her or not.

YSEM 2015.03.05
Good game, but i can´t get the ending 6 D:

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