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Olga: 20 dollars girl


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paradj 2014.03.03
Beautiful art work game needs more content and animation could use some work also.... still got my juices flowing ;p

sexilexi242 2013.08.20
i like the game it is awsome

comeherepussy 2013.03.25
What do u do when your in the garage and she`s naked?

ssavoie 2013.02.10
hey bigguy686 i agree with your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thebluecow 2012.11.28
Olga is so fine! Scott is such a nerd though... just let it happen.
I kinda wish there was sound effects

Salvaged1Gdsm 2012.11.28
UPDATE!: I just realized how EPICLY I FAILED in that previous comment i posted. Played through it again & at the end I looked in the upper left corner and saw that there wasn`t a "1 out of X ending achieved", just a simple "Congrats you`ve reached game ending" so pick a pic, lol...

Salvaged1Gdsm 2012.11.28
for some reason i can only reach one ending :(, but overall a damn GOOD game. on another note, i just happen to notice that, Olga, from Olga: 20 Dollar Girl, looks A LOT like Daria Konovalova from the December 2012 MAXIM USA magazine...pages 80-83.

cmw247 2012.09.30
It won`t start. It went higher then 500 in the loading screen.

likeme 2012.08.02
Interesting story and dramatic final. Epic :)

bigguy686 2012.07.14
great game liked it but a little to short

beneathuk 2012.07.05
Short but sweet. nice artwork as always

handgun 2012.06.23
really exciting sex gameplay..with a 3D graphic...yes soo nice...

Melon Farmer 2012.06.15
characters need to speak, with sexy voices. good grafics by the way!

TekiRO89 2012.06.14
ohh i want too some tight pussy on my thick dick :DD

mw 2012.06.14
How to play this game ???

Artis 2012.06.13
Super sexy girl and this game - excellent!!!

Jaaru 2012.06.13
New nice looking game, liked it.

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