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Nite with Kelly


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Marcus Crassus 2016.01.21
It is a nice game. With a beautiful woman en good scenes.
I`ll enjoyed it

fuamatu 2016.01.12
ending 1 is the shortest possible ending, hint- don`t pick up her bag

brwoo3830 2015.06.28
nice how do you get all endings

dawg 2015.03.03
any1 tell this dawg rm starting 2 end

bigguy686 2014.12.01
great game and he graphics were hot, definitely need more kelly games

skorpiondeath 2014.09.12
To get ending 1 just follow her without grabbing the bag

draconeas 2014.07.12
Ending 4
Grab Purse
I Can`t Bear myself to break this moment
Hold it Romeo...
or, at least, show her some courtesy....
(pick up car key`s for her under the car)

At Apartment
sorry bit distracted
kiss her or unzip paints (ether seems to work)
(Touch the hot places)
that was a selfish strip tease...
Let her slide on your cock

on deck
breathe some life back into our activities
Stop her before you cum
Go back inside

Your good to go as she will cum on the couch inside

For Ending 3 pick the second option all the way (close but no cigar basically)

Ending 2 just be a complete idiot or option 1 all the way (ends in the parking lot with no loving)

still working on ending one

dante23506 2014.06.18
how the fuck to play this game ?

dante23506 2014.06.18
how the fuck to play this game ?

soniakh 2014.04.07
hi nightingalem whats up hun

nightingalem 2014.03.19
I`m 18 and I`m a female anyone wanna talk

elishacuthbert 2014.02.20
have always been a fan of those faps of kelly. great game

savage 2014.01.31
grate game Kelly is so sexy.....I got very hard

tsunayim31 2013.11.16
this game got my pussy wetter than ever. Oh God!

airgear123 2013.08.15
awesome game play and graphics

Jaden 2013.08.07
I love the graphics & animation. I am stuck in this game so bad

CreativityNYC 2013.07.14
this game got my pussy wetter than ever. Oh God!

ahmet07 2013.06.06
Hepinizin amÄ?na koyam o?§lar

unreal2 2013.04.24
would like to see more Kelly adventures

crafclown 2013.03.15
the graphics are unbeliveable . wow i like it

ameeracer 2013.01.28
im stuck on the part where she is in your house i need help

LuvPassions 2013.01.26
Kelly wasnt easy to persuad but this was a really good game to play

edstein 2013.01.24
Very good! It`s so cool! Well done!

sexbitch 2013.01.21
I love this game great graphics I could play it all day long p.s makes me wet and horney

sanny 2013.01.05
i like this game sooooooooooooooo much wht a game
super i like but it is so slow

aungzawmin83 2013.01.04
i am fucker man

milesex 2013.01.02
Oh sweet. have been waiting for a Kelly game for a long time :) Always liked how she was designed~

Hotseat 2012.11.30
Does anybody know how to get to ending 4? Or all of the endings?

sabsite 2012.11.18
I liked the game, but is it possible to have a French translation?

louddoe 2012.11.15
I liked the game, but it would have been great to get a go at the black girl in ending 3.

NightStalker73au 2012.11.14
awesome game play and graphics, want to see another kelly adventure though.

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