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Nicole meets Roxy


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cole371 2017.11.16
girls hmu cole.gardner371@gmail.com. i love all sizes! great game

panos1 2016.05.16
i liked very much the game. i wish to continue these kind of games especially if the girl are like Nicole what a nice girl.

ausername 2015.12.16
Could we have a game bout the girl in the train and Nicole ( the one that is standing up at the train scene) maybe a game where she`s day dreaming of her ? With a set background and everything

cambridge4453 2015.01.12
It was great first time around but not so intriguing after that; Nicole look great though

Phil3x029 2014.12.16
Very good game. I love lesbian games and I would more!

vojtaconka 2014.10.07
1. Touch face (doesn`t affect meter): +0
Play with self, action sequence: +2
Put wet finger into Justin`s mouth: +1

2. a) Allow Justin first use of the restroom -
i. Use the dildo to sate yourself: +5
ii. Try to use self-control: +0
b) Continue playing with him - +1
i. Take his cock inside your mouth: +2
ii. Stop teasing him: +0

3. a) Refuse, there`s no time: +0
b) Kiss Justin: +1

You forgot ==> Check the fridge`s temperature

4. a) Thoughts are about Justin: +0
b) Thoughts are about Roxy: +1

5. a) Promise that it`s worth the price: +1
b) Make sure she`s worth the cost: -8

6. a) Answer the phone: +2
b) Ignore: +0

7. a) Keep fantasizing: +5
b) Concentrate on another topic: +0

8. a) Widen your legs: +0
b) Do nothing: +3
i. Widen your legs: +0 ==> Continue story
ii. Do nothing: +0 ==> Ending #1 - Cum Stay With Us

9. a) Lie and say no: +0
b) Tell the truth: +2

10. a) Sit down: +0
b) Touch her: -5

11. a) Watch porn movie: +4
b) Investigate the room (Small key, TV cabinet, discover photos) : +1

12. a) Ask about porn movie: +2 (same outcome for both choices)
b) Ask about photos: +2

13. a) Invite her on bed:
i. Talk: +0, returns to list
ii. Kiss her: +1, returns to list
iii. Ask about tattoo: +0, returns to list
iv. Caress her body: +1, exits to bed
v. Play with her nipples: +1, exits to bed
vi. Lick her feet: +1, exits to bed
vii. Lick her pussy: +1, exits to bed
viii. Play with Roxy`s ass: +2
b) Ask her to use fingers: +3

14. a) Suck her cock: +3
b) Ask her again to remove it -
i. Leave her: -5
ii. Do whatever she says: +2

15. a) Agree: +1
b) Say no -
i. Win the struggle: +a lot ==> Ending #3: Giving In
ii. Lose the struggle: -10
1. Gently ask her to stop: -all ==> Ending #2: Another Time
2. Let her continue: +1ish

16. a) Agree: +1
b) Deny: +0

==> Ending sex sequence: +5

Ending #4: To Cum Or Not To Cum can be achieved by successfully completing the full night with Roxy, but by making choices that leave you with fewer than 50 Passion Meter points.

elishacuthbert 2014.02.20
Excellent game and beautiful ladies! Graphics show a lot of work went into this game.

cruzado18 2014.02.12
veramente un gran bel gioco

cream_queen 2013.09.22
how do you change the game ending? I keep getting the same ending

waogsi 2013.09.20
Excellent game and beautiful ladies! Graphics show a lot of work went into this game.

martijn1987 2013.08.30
its a 5 star game!!!the girls r beautiful!!!

morgainexxx 2013.07.31
mmm this game is great. all the games on this site are. loved it. they have great graphics x

Anastasia99 2013.07.11
im always playing this game!! its always making me wet and horny everytime i rub my pussy !!

rohanm796 2013.07.03
i love this game its amazing can anyone tell me any other sites having these type of game.. please

jeff7202 2013.04.12
great story love the scenes

beneathuk 2013.04.07
I loved this game. Really enjoy the dominant lesbian angle.

gandu656 2013.04.05
i am stuck when nicole is on job.help me

yozumii 2013.03.28
its a 5 star game!!!the girls r beautiful!!!

vio_alex1988 2013.03.27
Superb graphics combined with a well written story line! This ones 5 stars!!!

dolek24 2013.03.14
Who Is A girl Here?! Nice Storyline/graphics and Sexy Girls

hotbabesexy 2013.03.11
sexy.......making me horny

dhans7776 2013.03.05
Superb graphics combined with a well written story line! This ones 5 stars!!!

crugh 2013.02.23
Excellent game and beautiful ladies! Graphics show a lot of work went into this game.

sogohni 2013.02.22
Every time i try to click on Ask about The photos it lead me back to investigate the room instead of Roxy answering that dang question!

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