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My sex date: Eleanor


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louyi27 2017.02.09
I follow DaHora and get ultimate date????

xxxixxx 2016.12.29
beautiful girl, sexy gril, good fuck

Zaend Leverett 2016.08.26
Found out there`s a glitch concerning the mute button.
I pressed mute at the beginning of the game, and then when I selected correct responses to progress the game, I didn`t get a score and was still zero points. Then I pressed unmute and then suddenly I had all the the points I had acquired.

Followed DaHora`s instructions and got ultimate date, though I only got about 6500 (don`t remember exact score).

Flippo 2016.06.25
My game won`t load and I don`t know how to get any of them to come up so I can play them

Lexeshiz 2016.05.10
Hmm I tried that but she said I`m crazy and date over so how do I make this work Mr.DaHora

Lexesex 2016.05.08
DaHora your a very wise person and this game is good quality but let the achievements get accomplished better

anand95 2016.05.05
I played the game and scored 7369. Ultimate date!! I love this game. Graphics was amazing and so realistic. Above that, Eleanor was damn sexy.

duke51 2015.11.15
Thx DaHora, I reached over 7200. Nice graphics and interesting story, but I hate using drugs during sexual acts at all. But the game is good anyway ....

DaHora 2015.05.20
Just played again and got 7259. Gratz on that score, jeannot! =)

iamWardeR 2015.04.30
Followed the Guide DaHora, and i only got 3808, i dont seem to get points untill sex, so....i dont know what the problem is, same thing happens with IE FireFox and Chrome, also happens on PlayForceOne

jeannot1960 2015.02.06
dehora, I did everything you put down in the order that you wrote them and i got 7467. I really love this game.

jsai100 2015.01.27
This is the best game out of all of them!! The pov is extremely realistic and smooth!!

anish1 2015.01.22
graphics are a class apart .they are the best in the world

adalpassion 2014.12.11
nice game but i`d like more add on in eleanor asking for more

21sexclub 2014.12.02
This game is weird can anyone help me find out what happens when you click swallow my sperm

bigguy686 2014.11.18
awesome game and graphics are outstanding.

DaHora 2014.10.24
Oh, don`t ask her to strip right away! She will go away if you do it.

DaHora 2014.10.24
Actually, it`s possible to get "Ultimate date". The maximum score I got was 7371.
Here`s what I did (the order doesn`t matter):

Kiss her hand
Tell her that she looks ravishing
Offer her wine
Offer her cherries (click her lips to clean juice)
Ask her to show you that she is without panties
Touch her pussy (click her pussy to put a vibranting egg inside it, then click again to turn the egg on)
Ask her to swallow ecstasy pill (it makes her more malleable - I`m talking about anal sex here)
Ask her to strip

Touch her knee
Expose her boob
Lick her boob
Spread her legs
Massage her thighs
Remove her dress
Ask her to put black collar
Ask her to dress slutty leather shoes
Ask her for a make up

Punish her
Use anal gel on her ass
(Move the cursor towards her pussy to put the vibrating egg into high power)
Ask her to lick her juices (then click the egg to remove it, then move the cursor towards her ass to put the egg inside it)
Ask her to put a cherry inside her pussy (click her pussy to eat the cherry)
Ask her to ride your dick

Take her from behind
Ask her to spread her ass for you (click her butthole to cover your fingers in an anal gel and taste her)
cum inside her ass

Order her relax a little
Then you can sit on a chair and watch her sleeping or masturbate over her sleeping. If you chose to watch her sleeping you`ll get 6619 points. If you chose to masturbate over her, you`ll get 7371. Both lead to "Ultimate date".

Enjoy the bonus image gallery! =)
I love the music. I wish I could download it. =T (LoP staff, that`s a suggestion)
Love you Elly! haha =P

PSeeker 2014.10.23
Lesson of Passion need to make their games downloadable(including GOLD). Games are way slow to load, even with the premium/GOLD server. I know that the free games are available for download, but the endings still need internet to play.

elvis2000 2014.10.22
You just cant get "Ultimate date".

MsgAmmo 2014.10.16
As I was playing the game, I noticed that when I selected correct responses to progress the game, I was not getting a score. Is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?

lya 2014.10.10
I will pleasure to see threesome lesbian sex G+G+G!!!

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