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Moonlust: The first bite


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Chriskoolkiss 2015.05.13
really hard not so good:(

lessonofpassion2121 2013.11.23
i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

lessonofpassion2121 2013.11.23
Maybe need more girls...but nice~

Avajade2090 2013.09.06
What I would like to know is where i can this song at because I love it so much

kocha 2012.11.22
please help me how to navigate mind please

kivabat 2012.06.08
cool games & Its so great

sexy snowflake 2012.04.21
good game im no good at it tho:( but good graphics, and the strippe added a nice touch

_dopestbxtch_ 2012.03.06
i end up eneding the game early can someone help o___0?

knightblade35 2012.02.27
game was good great graphics

macmurphy 2012.02.19
quite a good play here but it always stops as soon as she drops her slip ....

Courtney21 2012.01.31
i dont understand how to navigate there mind.... help please

sander01 2012.01.11
this is a really great game!!!

hornybarbie 2012.01.09
im stuck at the kiss, how i can go for the sex?

Avajade2090 2012.01.04
They should make more vampire mini games like this one

unusual 2012.01.01
high quality like always on lessons of passion, need more girls.

sex kitten 2011.12.30
a new experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fucked by a vampire!horny 1!

Avajade2090 2011.12.29
How do you navagate through her mind?

fuck5000 2011.12.03
really anice game.hot chick. love it

suki_hentai 2011.11.28
ughh i`m stuck at the kiss scene..please help me?give an advice or something

REIVAJ311 2011.11.18
The graphics are super!, And good story up to you if you eat a bite to Lydia ...

lennert0345 2011.11.06
like the game, this is a very good one and i will play it more !

OmegaJosh 2011.10.09
good game, one time my messed mouse is good for it

sanni 2011.10.01
Interesting quest and pretty girl. But so short :(

kmaxx 2011.09.28
great game and great graphics and vampires

ballon2424 2011.09.25
Great idea to put a new type of seduction. I like the mini-game in the game.

dFallen 2011.09.19
great game, like the story

kozoot 2011.09.08
wonderfull game...i like it....

elishacuthbert 2011.09.04
I liked the scene where he fucks her in his apartment tearing about that innocense and being all that fing faithful

Incubus 2011.09.03
COOL game and nice graphics indeed

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Always liked LOP games and their hot babes.

ck_kent87 2011.08.25
i love the graphic and the animation

pawan1modi 2011.08.13
very nice game. must have more option for sex with the other girls as well

nani007 2011.08.04
loved the game...always was a fan of vampires...:)

cookiemonster666 2011.08.04
i liked the premise but way to short for my liking

erzerz 2011.08.01
Very different game! I liked the beauty of the scenery. But maybe a little more details on the sex scenes would be great!

sheldon 2011.07.31
What happened, if i bite her?

lightdark 2011.07.27
good animation; i loved the game

lightdark 2011.07.27
good animation; i loved the game

FIFI 2011.07.25
how could I navigate into her mind?? plz could anyone tell me!!

sheldon 2011.07.22
Awesome graphic, but why vampires? :( This hypee with vampires and zombies are sooo sick^^

H@M 2011.07.05
i couldnt finish this game may need a bit of help.

mzelmo 2011.07.05
i agree with petaor need more girls but i love this game site it is really good

robrocks 2011.07.01
this fuckin game is the shit.

pawan1modi 2011.06.24
I am stuck with the xcenes, every time when I go for Human path, the ladies went out, help me with the game, thx

Erotica007 2011.06.19
This game is awesome as it has a storyline is to me liking :)...graphics amazing....a lil challenging at some areas but overall gr8

bigguy686 2011.06.19
i liked the premise but way to short for my liking

postulatevox 2011.06.17
Tougher LoP game and lots of endings. Still great.

titsrfun44 2011.06.16
this game was a medium hard game with amazing graphics and the storyline was solid

sluttybiatch 2011.06.09
this game was awsome it was fuckin good

cookiemonster666 2011.06.07
This game was awesome, I really enjoyed it.

Simon92 2011.06.01
Can somebody explain to me what I should do with the rotating circle?

darklord 2011.05.23
high quality like always on lessons of passion, need more girls.

jasmin207 2011.05.19
its all right but not great

Seiko 2011.05.18
Great game, the storyline on the pulse of time!

mrfixit500 2011.05.17
Very good game.Could use a few more choices and a punishment for going in the wrong direction.

possum62 2011.05.15
Awesome graphics , game is different

huang yiwei 2011.05.12
unique enviroments, love it. but how should do after seeing a cricle with a red point traveling around? I always fail at that point...

HansMaulwurf 2011.05.10
Very different game! I liked the beauty of the scenery. But maybe a little more details on the sex scenes would be great!

FFXFreak 2011.05.09
wow this game is really different

XY69 2011.05.07
Moonlust deliver the different concept of game but creative in genre (movie). This is really interesting and extraordinary.. Hope more games like this (adaptation/platform) will comes, thank you so much Leonizer & the team... :)

Kavy 2011.05.07
I love the club scenes with the stripper in the background. Nice touch

petaor 2011.05.06
hig quality like always on lessons of passion,maybe need more girls

bodli 2011.05.05
first but realy good and niche game

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