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Moments: Teacher`s pet


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koorosh 2016.11.29
i hope my teacher was like that

koorosh 2016.11.29
good game but seriously a boy with glasses and a tiny dick?! C`MON

anand95 2016.05.05
Great game! The teacher was damn hot! But there was lot of repetition.

lewis22 2015.04.27
i love this game and great graphics quality. looking for more teacher fucking games

bigguy686 2014.12.06
very good game play and graphics are good as well

multiplex_1 2014.09.27
to get mini ending 4 just have 6-8 stars, then stick your finger into her pussy. i think for ending 3 you need at most 6 stars.

adityaN6598 2013.05.14
awesome game iwish iwas der

Sradsix 2013.03.17
Nice concept but too linear for me

pilas1 2013.01.23
cool game fun to play and nice graphic

mann234 2013.01.03
Good Game as always, keep bringing them on. They are getting better and better each time.

nitay12345 2012.11.21
I`d love so see something a little more dominating.
face sitting
forced orgasm/strapon role reversal,etc.
cum eating

pomme639 2012.07.23
I can get all endings but ending 3, can anyone give me any tips? I have tried for ages but no success has been achieved :(

deadmaninwonderland 2012.06.18
Like most of the site`s games great and fun.

I can get Endings 1,2,5,6,7,8. Can anyone tell me how to get Endings 3 and 4?

sexbabe 2012.06.17
hey all you peope ima girl and i need a man to suck and fuck me till i bleed

elishacuthbert 2012.06.10
annoying controls okay story but have played better games

kivabat 2012.06.08
cool games & Its so great

lordsexy 2012.05.10
i so want to fuck her right now

ekersongeorge 2012.05.02
I`d love so see something a little more dominating.
face sitting
forced orgasm/strapon role reversal,etc.
cum eating

ritika 2012.04.30
im lesbian and i love the teacher !!
super sexxxxxxy!
it made my pussy all wet and i was lesbian continuously for 4 and a half hours after this game!!!

ankit004 2012.04.20
how to download game plz help me?

marcel1970 2012.03.06
its a good game...bit short but well made...i did enjoy the hot teacher
Maybe there will be more games with her in the future??? would be great ^_^

MARAIYAH 2012.02.23
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gasylahy 2012.02.17
i`m never tired to play this game! really good!

Artis 2012.02.08
Super sexy, perfect the teacher, a wonderful story!

narayan4 2012.01.19
all of the "Moments" games on this site are amazing

sweetsaus 2012.01.09
this game is fun, now i want some of these daes

sweetsaus 2012.01.09
this game is fun, now i want some of these daes

zinnia 2011.12.17
the game is not loading
what do i do?

ozorne-6 2011.12.13
Good Game as always, keep bringing them on. They are getting better and better each time.

hunter0 2011.12.12
I wonna be back to school :)))

xtremenightwolf 2011.12.10
this game is really great good graphic

sryk 2011.12.01
annoying controls okay story but have played better games

aboud 2011.11.29
its is sexy game and makes me horny and i wish that am the boy to fuck this bitch hard

sexiicboo_x 2011.11.27
please help me it wont load

david.kamlesh 2011.11.16
viola...cool games ..Its so great

Mamo 2011.11.09
Awesome game, i`d like to see more of these! I agree to a longer version or more options and scenes, hope this game continues! Good job!

djalfaro 2011.11.08
this game is fun, now i want some of these

Manisha 2011.11.07
my god that was amazing you should show the intercourse in detail though

rrobert 2011.10.22
a really nice sexy game with good graphics and exciting

ladystar 2011.10.19
Great game with lots of different actions. Loved getting to fuck her in the ass. Very hot!

molceonly 2011.10.17
bad teacher... very bad bad bad teacher... i like to punch more holes on her

NightStalker73au 2011.10.13
awesome gameplay and graphics

NightStalker73au 2011.10.13
awesome gameplay and graphics

haannaa 2011.10.09
i really wish have a teacher like that ;), i really enjoy the game

OmegaJosh 2011.10.09
again, great game, but my mouse screws up on the sex and wont let anything happen

labbe38 2011.10.09
this girl is very nice, the story is too

Artis 2011.10.05
.. . And why the school was not the subject (along with a juicy and sexy teacher) when I was studying. . . :). . . Luxury game.

purrpussy 2011.10.03
it fun gmae i wish i was the young boy fuck her pussy

sanni 2011.10.01
Interesting quest and pretty girl. But so short :(

bigguy686 2011.10.01
really cool graphics and fun game

scotty_sanford 2011.10.01
Out was really cool. The way I had to seduce my big tittie teacher.

mateus 2011.09.29
esse saite e show de bola

kmaxx 2011.09.28
the teacher is hot wonderful game

ballon2424 2011.09.25
Really good graphics and great animation.

dFallen 2011.09.19
Wonderful game.. but get bored qickly

matrix625 2011.09.14
very nice game....interesting.............

DaveFreestyler 2011.09.14
nice game plenty of ending a hot teacher what could you ask more??

mgh 2011.09.13
original game everyones dream

playa555 2011.09.11
amazing game, moment were other teacher came in, could it mean for a sequel maybe, if so that would be even better

ratonius 2011.09.09
This game is good but Its a litlle repetitive

tejlor 2011.09.09
great game, and great themes

rannvann1 2011.09.08
very nice game....interesting.............

Jannegie 2011.09.07
the teacher is verry hot but i dont like how much u have to do

jojo23 2011.09.05
the game should have had more femdom. the talk was good, but the action was ok

beneathuk 2011.09.05
Great artwork as usual. The game is good and a little different in content to the usual. I liked the domination element and would like to see more games with that theme for added variety. I thought the teacher could have been more dominant and punished the boy a bit more, perhaps.

elishacuthbert 2011.09.04
such a wonderful game. I actually liked the girl student in the end

dave702 2011.09.03
Its a great game, and Im glad to see the parts where you have to touch her and rub her are a little easier than in some of the other LOP games. But the parts where you have to slide the cursor along the path of an arrow while they`re fucking are really a pain if you`re using a laptop and not an actual mouse. Otherwise its awesome :)

konaxx 2011.09.03
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

possum62 2011.09.03
Not bad but would be better if it were longer.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Always liked LOP games and their hot babes.

Elfe 2011.09.02
This game is correct but I`m tired of repetition. It is always the same... Please find something else more strategic...

wangliang 2011.09.01
How can we play to the harmonious place

sanni 2011.09.01
hot teacher but animations are too fast

TimSteel 2011.08.31
The teacher is hot,the other teacher is hot as well.A bit to short and a lack of bonus material/options.Not a bad game but not the best either.Be great to see a longer version with more options and endings.7/10

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