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Kitsumi: The cheating wife


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lovelypussy 2016.09.07
wow,so sexy. i wish i was kitsumi mmm, i`m getting wet

smartsunni 2015.06.21
i got 4 endings...!!! is there any more???

Hornyboy69 2012.12.03

ProdigyzAngel 2012.07.19
Horny any boys wanna talk? P.M me

stoper 2012.05.12
The story`s kind of generic. Also it would`ve been better if you were playing with the guy trying to seduce the girl. Thanks tho.

lordsexy 2012.05.10
very good game but to short should be more options

Siddella 2011.12.09
is it just me or is there a glich that make is so matter what i do with the touching i can not get her meeter higher

elishacuthbert 2011.09.06
When Jacob puts his manhood in sumi`s sweet lil pussy. The cock is like sleeping or something. I dont feel if it was in her. Another thing why is jacob looking sideways. He should be actually be playing with her boobs or be calling her name. That would be wild.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Always liked LOP games and their hot babes.

falcon 2011.08.25
little short would have been better had it some kink added

cookiemonster666 2011.08.04
the game is really hot but too short

cookiemonster666 2011.06.07
This game was awesome, I really enjoyed it.

Shadowford 2011.06.06
Love the game play, animation and the graphic`s.

possum62 2011.05.14
Great graphics and overall a reasonable game.

FFXFreak 2011.05.09
absolutly brilliant but way too short

Kavy 2011.05.01
Hot chick. great game, unique features.

jason1 2011.04.30
are there any more ways to end the game?

mer 2011.04.17
amuzing and relly great game with good graphics

Snake-8 2011.04.14
Great and erotic. I like the game!

darklord 2011.04.10
Nice graphic, but without music and sound ... (T_T)

OmegaJosh 2011.04.07
wish their were more games with girls like her. I`m not really sure if she`s asian but she looks it, and i love asian girls

DIm0nIKyS 2011.03.26
I don`t like Asia, but this game is awesome

beneathuk 2011.03.25
Think there should be an option hwere she dominates him but still a decent game.

dikiyforester 2011.03.14
Nice game leo. try to opt for the fallowing if you have time: more locations, more max time per day, and more interaction.

wolfje 2011.03.04
The beginning is too easy. However the models are good and the action is hot.

flipntribal 2011.03.03
I don`t like how easy the beginning is, but eventually it gets better.

Magnimus 2011.02.22
I like this game. It would be nice to be able to fuck more girls, and in the reverse cowgirl scene, dude looks dead or something.

Bob101 2011.02.22
Never mind the first part, the bug is fixed.

Bob101 2011.02.22
A good game, but is short. Nice introduction to a new asian girl.

Brono1601 2011.02.20
the storyline could do with some more variation as for positions as well. Over all nice game

XY69 2011.02.18
The story gives us many options to be in the different ways : horny or honor.. the actor look innocent and that makes the girl admires on him.. interesting game Leonizer.. PS: I suggests the next game would be the masculine latin hunk take the honeymoon with his wife... :)

denmark 2011.02.15
Okay game. Good graphics, as always, too short and some of the commands doesn`t work always.

kevaliz 2011.02.14
not really a fan of asians, but still a good game with good graphics

wytzen 2011.02.13
it looks real nice just like all the others but i couldnt get the pussy licking scene working.

tails21x 2011.02.12
the game is really hot but too short

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