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Jordan 500 stories


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Stachu 2016.07.19
Great and erotic. I like the game!

bob2649 2016.04.16
Good game enjoyed it short but worth it

lewis22 2015.04.24
graphics r great and realistic

elishacuthbert 2014.02.20
super sexy game, i liked the ending to it

alhoon 2013.11.11
Quite good, but I didn`t like the "click" mechanic.

oldfart40871 2013.09.15
it was a good game a little short Jordan is hot

bigbellend7 2012.05.16
A game with a good story and sexy scenes. Trying to find other endings

lordsexy 2012.05.10
lol i get a hot when i play this game sex is great

conner99x 2012.02.14
simple and nice and quick. There is definitely a place for this game.

Sir Strong 2012.02.07
i didn`t hate it, but there could have been a littli more sex.

narayan4 2012.01.27
Liked all the different options available, pretty good game

egold777 2011.12.19
simple and nice,another jordan adventure.

Artis 2011.12.12
Excellent stories Jordan, cool pictures in the end this game..., and hots scenes !

jbarcarr 2011.10.11
Loved the cumshot at the end.

sanni 2011.09.04
game is short but nice graphic

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Always liked LOP games and their hot babes.

wangliang 2011.09.01
How can we play to the harmonious place

wangliang 2011.09.01
The game is fun. I like it very much

cookiemonster666 2011.08.04
The game is very, very slow even. Just leaving

hindrik64 2011.07.27
I liked it. Although it was a bit short and not that many possibilities.
And Jordan is hot.

random 2011.07.06
it is so good that i have never played before

n5444187 2011.07.04
Good game, needs more intense sex scene animations

coolashu 2011.06.16
super sexy game, i liked the ending to it

staindheart27 2011.06.14
good graphics, interesting game

badboy1 2011.06.09
i like the girls. and the ending.

tg209 2011.06.08
the graphics is good. but the game is too easy.

cookiemonster666 2011.06.07
This game was awesome, I really enjoyed it.

bichemha 2011.05.30
good game but the graphics could be a little better, kinda repetitive

sexymonica 2011.05.24
super sexy game, i liked the ending to it

iooanees 2011.05.23
i like the girls. and the ending.

bdubdub 2011.05.21
I like the shyness of the guy ... Great skills from Deby

possum62 2011.05.14
really awesome graphics!

mer 2011.04.17
i love this graphic and funny ending with copetit lol

Snake-8 2011.04.14
Great and erotic. I like the game!

Snake-8 2011.04.14
Great and erotic. I like the game!

darklord 2011.04.14
Nice graphics, but to short (T_T)

bigguy686 2011.04.12
good game great graphics girl is hot

bandy@ 2011.03.31
1050 grenbaks. Good game, but too short i hope see more about Jordan

ozorne-6 2011.03.27
good game. look forward to get more in this series. Spice it up a bit can you

mehtaash 2011.03.14
Good graphics, but a little boring. No real challenge.

dikiyforester 2011.03.14
Probably my favorite of all the games. Could perhaps use more sex scenes, though.

SAMahler 2011.03.06
great graphics very slow

babo31 2011.03.05
good graphics, but the gameplay is very slow and boring..

monigoes8 2011.02.21
very interesting. but it should have more action.

jupat 2011.02.18
pretty nice game,, i love the story line

Alsheimer 2011.02.13
nice graphics but no sound a bit short and only 2 options to choose i wish it had more mouse actions to get forward

mayorii 2011.02.05
good graphics, but the original story is much better, this is very short and predictable

tago0539 2011.02.05
The game is very, very slow even. Just leaving

andrea16 2011.02.04
tori 500 hundred is a sexy game

haa 2011.02.03
I didn`t like very much I think it could of been better there aren`t enough punishments I think

Apac20 2011.02.02
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.....and yes she is hot and sexy as hell

Bob101 2011.02.01
A another well job done to the sequel of the 500 series! This has most interactions to decide the punishment and selecting dialouges, but could have added more when you lost the bet.

chekano 2011.01.31
Nice but short story, slow `Click` - not bad overall... :)

kivabat 2011.01.28
A Great Story but Short Game and Slow `Click`

loppo 2011.01.26
The game is very, very slow even.

tomcatdr 2011.01.22
actually glad I read these comments ... I played four times and beat her, went back to lose and enjoyed the losing pic way better ... still doesn`t take away the "suck" factor of the slow game play.

dansolo 2011.01.22
Good graphics but slow and monotonous.

flipntribal 2011.01.22
Good graphics, but a little boring. No real challenge.

XY69 2011.01.21
The options are convenient and simple then the graphics and backgrounds are good as usual but it can be improved for better view, because I believe nothing impossible for Leonizer and their team to get the best.. *My suggestion, the next game could be at gym with hunk men and fit women..

Sensei Grey 2011.01.21
The premise is cool. I played about ten times, trying for a higher score. Topped out at $1065. Had to try to lose to get Jordan`s punishment, like Patmatticus. I was hoping for some "easter Eggs" in some scenes, or unlockable endings depending on how much Jordan made, but did not find any. Also, it seemed that Jordan only has one outfit to wear if she loses the bet. If there are any other ends or cool tips anyone else has, please share them. All in all, not a bad game, just could have ben a little better.

Patmatticus 2011.01.20
Overall, I really liked this; looking forward to more "Stories"

Would like scenes like this worked into a game like original Jordan500.

The "Click" was annoyingly slow.

Would like to see more punishments for Jordan.

The friend is too easy to beat; I had to try to lose.

Xyzzy 2011.01.20
Liked this game a lot, Jordan is very hot. Sex scenes are boring, though, not explicit enough, controls move much too slowly. And what`s with this "punishment" at the end? A big letdown. Some sound would help a lot, too.

yooo_mvp 2011.01.20
Jordan is the best girl you`ve ever created....wish we could have more of her!!

Micky 2011.01.20
Great grphics and game but a little short and the actions are very slow.

wytzen 2011.01.20
it looks very nice and i think that it is a great concept, but it was way to short and the sex scenes were slow

kalbs 2011.01.20
Good game, but too short... i hope see more about Jordan

rovanerns 2011.01.20
The game is very, very slow even. Just leaving

supersaiyan1 2011.01.19
very boring game. very slow. somethings are good like you have to choose between two options but not at all up to the mark.

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