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Elven Fantasy


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elishacuthbert 2014.02.20
Very interesting game. The unusual style, a bit unusual, but cool. All very nice and elegant!

starz dx 2013.06.09
i got lot of trouble ... can someone give me some tips

ellisparnell4456 2013.06.09
this game get me so horny

countblackula 2013.04.05
i loved this game it got me so wet and horny

sogohni 2013.02.26
My only complaint is everytime i fight Corin i ALWAYS lose cause his hits cause six ppoint of damage, i would round them to a 4, or perhaps a hesitate option. Still i can`t argue that this is a good game. You guys should think of doing more fantasy setting (With perhaps abit more lesbian touch to it. but again that just me.

joey25986 2013.01.29
awesome storyline to get u all exited!!

jehra 2013.01.14
grafphic this game is cool

mike555 2012.12.25
Anyone know any endings please tell me

nravipal 2012.12.15

rtdwbang@gmail.com 2012.12.05
great game.so I want play more.it sexy girl

Dona 2012.10.06
Whatta game i love it :)

CarterXXX 2012.10.02
great game as usuall from this site. the best

kivabat 2012.09.12
A Great Story and Fun Game

elishacuthbert 2012.08.16
Super sexy girl and this game - excellent!!!

acdffdca 2012.07.15
interesting game, but i think would be better

bigguy686 2012.07.14
good looking game wish it was longer though

thelatinlover 2012.07.12
Very interesting game.Nice looking new game, liked it.

Froizmann 2012.07.10
Nice looking new game, anyone coul`d kill Corin???

Jaaru 2012.07.10
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Artis 2012.07.10
Very interesting game. The unusual style, a bit unusual, but cool. All very nice and elegant!

jubijub 2012.07.10
loved it, great ideaa with th fighting added for more intrest

jasleerol 2012.07.10
didnt like this at all hated the fact that corin is the only one you can have why couldnt she have a the redheaed woman?

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