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Divided Heart


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huhuhu 2017.02.05
anyone know how to get ending 2?

karim07 2016.11.12
can u plz get futa game ??

ass fucker 2016.11.10
fucking awesome gameplay but i always get cammile cheating on me

hungry4sex 2016.09.25
hiii I love the game. makes me horny and I`m fucking someone right now ;)

ZaFletch 2016.04.25
Hi guys, LeeAnn mentioned a BDSM scene but I can`t seem to figure out how that comes about, can anyone help?

Alexandra Lex 2016.03.30
Hello! The game was good, but it would have been better if we could have seen how Camille cheats, or play as Camille.

Miskat6 2016.03.24
Loved the game. The girls are both really hot. I agree that the story is too wrapped around that Camille will cheat on you no matter what. I would have liked it if you were able to make her not do it.

Roman1234 2015.10.18
Lexi is probably the hottest chick from all of the games I`ve played - those boobs! And the fact she prefers to take cum in her mouth only adds to her allure :)

sexgirl21 2015.10.18
awsome game really cool graphics

Roman1234 2015.10.17
Great game, I really liked the chance to take the pic of the drunk wife with come on her face - nice fantasy!

jebn666 2015.09.24
This Game Was Awesome.!! I Enjoyed it Very Much.!! I Liked the Graphics and the Ability to feel like I was in Control of the Players and See How the Ending Came Out.!! I Hate to Admit that I Played this Game Several Times to Try and Get A Different Ending.!!

LeeAnn 2015.08.21
1st ending: You concentrate completely on Camille, you go a lot to the hospital, and raise her score. She will still go to that birthday party, and she will stay cheat on you. However, you won`t find her with Eric on your bed. Eventually she`ll tell you she`s pregnant - happily ever after.

2nd ending: you balance out Lexi and Camille (above 60) and in the end, when you catch Camille with Eric on your bed (which will happen if you don`t have the romantic sexy evening with her), say that you want to work it out. Lexi will help as an advisor and basically you end up having a nice triangular relationship

3nd ending: You concentrate on Lexi, and make sure she`s above 60 when Camille goes out to a birthday party. You follow her, accure her of cheating, and then go to Lexi to talk it over. Lexi will take you in, and BAM.

4th ending: You didn`t do follow one of the predestined paths. even if you have 80 or a 100 for each of the two, if at the end, when Camille cheats on you with Eric on your bed, and you leave, you end up alone and a drunk.

it`s a fun silly erotic game, but my only gripe is that the ending are very much defined by one specific turn of events (sex with Camille, cheating by Camille, talking it out with Camille or talking about it with Lexi), and not really what is happening in the game. the towel scene, BDSM scene, office scene etc... all seem to have no influence at all. for example, during the BDSM scene, Lexi declared her undying love for you, but still, if you tell you`ll leave Camille at the end when she cheats on you, you end up alone.

doesn`t seem to make sense,
other than that, a really fun game

alex98 2015.07.27
please someone give me a guide or help to finish game would be eternally grateful 2015 now!!

alex98 2015.06.25
please someone help me get to the scene where she has a red erotic lingerie that take up there and finish in the mouth but did not have to fill her mouth semen

jure1911 2015.04.18
This is a great game. i love it

Samarkada 2015.03.24
Cool game! I often want to play in it again and again

bigguy686 2015.03.09
pretty good game and nice graphics

Nazgul62 2015.03.04
Nice game and graphics but short......

sexhunter2o 2015.02.28
Game is short but its a great sexy game.. Loved it

David38 2015.02.22
this game was very short but I like the sex controls but I wanted more

P.K.L 2015.01.12
how can i download that?

aditya1234 2015.01.05
well nnice game its a divided heart

andy10102 2014.12.15
to get to 60 relationship with lexi just spend all your time with her

jerrycom1234 2014.12.15
very hot sexy games its very much interesting to play

fragarret 2014.12.12
Hello people! I have a question. It`s not about the game, but since this is the most recent one, I thought to post my question here.

Is there a way to contact with the LoP team? While I`m really enjoying these great games, what I like the most is the environment of them. The houses, the maps, everything. I would like to know about this stuff. How to creat them, what tools I need etc.


Heretic 2014.12.10
Stupid situation. I have about 100 relation with Camille and never seen Lexi. I am accused of treason Camille on birthday party and go home. This whore returned drunk and without clothes and in the morning everything continues as if nothing had happened. Unfinished algorithm? Or is it a common thing typical family according to the author? (LwT still the best).

firestar 2014.12.08
Fantastic game, got all 4 endings, to get ending 3 do as above but get camile relationship to 40 or above, on the second week on wed evening, take out on a date to the restaurant, there you should see lexi with another man, on thursday go and ask her about him, she will tell you she has been a bad girl, then go to her apartment, punish her and ask her what he did to her, then stay the night with her, then do has above on the friday,

tis30 2014.12.06
I can`t get lexi to 60 before Camille goes out for the night. Not enough money.

Ryanongsj 2014.12.04
I love this game. Great graphics

biZZler 2014.11.28
3rd ending.

When Lexi comes to your office say no to her when she spreads her legs.
Take Lexi for a lot of dates, and increase her Relationship to 60 or above and have sex with her at least once.
When Camille goes out for a drink with friends, follow her and then when you find her with another guy, accuse her of cheating and leave her and go talk to Lexi.
That`s it. You get ending 3. :)

Raysan 2014.11.28
Anyone a hint 4 the 3rd Endling ? 1,2 and 4 i got easily but no matter how often i play i never get the ending 3

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