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eyeball_jt 2017.03.15
how to never worry about gold:
first don`t buy the short sword.
gold coin on the floor in bar.
talk to skeleton. take carrots next to stables outside and take cockroaches from your house. mix them in cauldron in your house. give him mixture (he gives you 1 gold)
go to swamp and pick up devil seed in left bottom corner sell to ash in tavern for 1 gold.
talk to peasant then go to monastery and kill monster (easier if you go into your inventory and drink peasants potion beforehand)
go back to town peasant will tell you about a flute
go to tavern ask ash about it.
go outside click above your apartment door then go inside. spend 3 coins and buy the flute (you should have 3)
go to swamp and play the flute (peak then reveal yourself)
go back to peasant and give him the flute.
go to inventory and equip the sword he gives you.
go to creek and open chest. you now have 3 coins
go back to peasant and buy wheat
give to victoria.
go back to apartment and pick up invitation.
also click your bookshelf and go back to victoria if you want sex scene with her.
now you should have everything you need to get all endings :)
(but just in case:

victoria ending: after sex open cellar and kill the monster

elf ending: go back to bar skeleton will tell you about his treasure and the cross. go to monastery click the cross on the roof, go to stables take rope, go back to monastery click on cross, go back to tavern, give to skeleton, then go to deep forest and kill the elf

princess ending: go to princess then go to ruins from the creek, kill the assassin and bring back its head, ask for her not the sword. the sword is pretty pointless just increases your chances of winning battles a bit.

Thief ending: go to princess, then go to ruins, listen to assassin, believe him, go to castle and kill the princess.

other endings are if you don`t reveal yourself to the elf at the bath scene, from just dying in battle and from refusing to love the elf when she saves you in the deep forest.

Hope this helps :)

Stachu 2016.08.19
It was pretty hard to touch the monastry girl`s thigh

TheCajunPhoenix 2016.03.03
How do I solve the zombie curse?

TheCajunPhoenix 2016.02.28
How do I get the invite from the Princess?

hero135 2015.12.21
i`m stuck in the game, how to cure the zombie

johnreed 2015.11.07
How do you get the devilseed?

johnreed 2015.11.07
how to take the devil rush or seeds? I am stuck in a situation..I bought a short sword...then I couldn`t do anything...didn`t have any coins ...no invitations and all...

anhon1778529151 2015.09.28
??????????????? ??????????

LeeAnn 2015.08.21
PhaseLink was really helpful, but I figured to add a bit more information to avoid any confusion

Ending 1: this ending is basically any ending in which you are left to die when you are tied up in the dark forest after curing the zombie curse. (either by not meeting the elf at all, or choosing not to stay with her)

Ending 2: Not much to add, instead of revealing yourself, you stay hidden when you play the magic flute and she`ll turn you into a frog.

Ending 3: Like he said: Do every sister quest and have sex with her then ask her about cellar

Ending 4: again as he said: After getting the invitation from princess, kill the assassin and bring her his head. Choose her (and not the sword)

Ending 5: indeed: Like ending 4 but listen to the assassin instead and go back to castle to kill the princess

Ending 6: Look for the magic flute (don`t give it to the peasant), then play it in the swamp, reveal yourself to the elf, fuck her.Than solve the zombie curse, go to the dark forest and once more be tied up. Now you choose to stay with Rivendell for the rest of your life.

Ending 7: indeed: Lose any fight

I`m all going for the nun

xxxgamer 2015.08.03
how can i find the ending 1 & 6....plz suggest.......very good game.......help plz...

teddyfuck 2015.07.19
nice game he fucked her well

PhaseLink 2015.06.14
Ending 1
- have to cure zombie curse and go to dark forest
*if you have had sex with elf in swamps > choose second choice when prompt

Ending 2
- After you buy flute go to swamps and play it and keep hiding

Ending 3
- Do every sister quest and have sex with her then ask her about cellar

Ending 4
- After get invitation from princess, kill the assassin and bring her his head. Choose her

Ending 5
- Like ending 4 but listen to the assassin instead and go back to castle

Ending 6
- Do like ending 1 but must have sex with elf first . and after question choose first choice

Ending 7
- Lose any fight

bobozhang 2015.06.02
How to get all the ending and how can I into the dark forest

kalaznikov 2015.05.23
Great game, but why can`t I take the fruit or pint after Erwood has been changed back to normal and gone off to fuck Ash? I think I need it to put a red mark on my door...

Gemmlon 2015.05.11
Man I hate The Zombie for taking that girl, I want to get her by my own ;(

azhariel323 2015.05.01
how to get devil rush ? help me please

Sennin713 2015.04.24
great graphics fun to play still trying to get all the endings got atleast 4 of them

WolfMan28 2015.03.06
how do you make the brain soup

Jumong 2015.03.03
They say are 7 possible endings !
I have got only 4, the 1st, second, 4th and seventh !
How can I reach the others ?

bigguy686 2015.02.28
great game play and graphics. enjoyed it

archduke 2015.02.26
And I still enjoyed this game. Well, I haven`t found better graphics.

archduke 2015.02.26
Ok....if a negative comment is to be made than it certainly is more difficult to find the hot spots......

archduke 2015.02.26
It was pretty hard to touch the monastry girl`s thigh......

affine0114 2015.02.16
What have I to do to go the the dark forest ?

mr_ghost_142 2015.02.14
Is is possible to run this in full screen.Any help would be well appreciated.Thanks

After_1 2015.01.31
is it possible to fuck Ash?

mikey7 2015.01.31
how to fuck with first girl? :(

Choco_Renza 2015.01.27
fucking elf a good way to start a day

jsai100 2015.01.26
I sold the devilseed. Then I couldn`t find assassin or anything. I`m stuck....

btt2008 2015.01.23
how to have sex with the elf? I enter the neck scene but just click it and nothing happen

ponyxon 2015.01.18
pick up gold coin in bar, make soup for zombie (second gold coin), leave the town, and speak peasant, take devil rush, back to town, speak with pleasant, sell devil rush in bar and ask for the assasin, make red cross over your home door, buy flute from assasin (you shoud have 3 golden coins) and go again to swamps and play the flute... This is the road to ending 2 and 6 :)

metucko 2015.01.14
Eternel76: Uh ... And what a flute? Where to get it and when to play it?

wesley0903 2015.01.14
How do you find the holy cross

Eternel76 2015.01.14
Metucko: you need the flute first... Then before giving it to the peasant go to the swamps where you will have the option to "play the flute"

metucko 2015.01.14
What you need to do to meet a girl elf? I have something that does not work.

ponyxon 2015.01.13
ending 2 : watch elf taking bath and stay hidden

ending 6 : have sex with elf and go to deep forest, then kill elf and promise live with elf

Eternel76 2015.01.13
clemclemjb: to mark the red circle, just click up your door. To avoid being tied up in the dark forest, read my previous comment :-)

Eternel76 2015.01.13
Ending 6: you have to meet first with the Elf girl in the Swamps and then after delivering the holy cross, go to the dark woods, you will be saved by Rivendell...

clemclemjb 2015.01.13
how to get the red circle on the door?
and how to avoid being tied up in forest?
despite that, really nice game! thank ;)

L3G3ND_K!LL3R 2015.01.12
Nice game. Thanks to LOP Team. (",)

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